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Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

A clutch master cylinder is a part on your manual vehicle that holds the brake fluid. It’s connected to your clutch with hoses and is found under the hood of your vehicle. When you press on the clutch pedal, brake fluid runs from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder. This process initiates the pressure which engages the clutch. Let us explain when your car would need a clutch master cylinder replacement.

The seals on these hoses can go bad over time. When the external seal starts to wear out, the clutch master cylinder can leak out brake fluid through the seals and hose. When this happens, the clutch will fail and you can leak brake fluid inside your car, next to the clutch. When the hoses’ internal seals starts to wear off, the clutch fluid will circulate the fluid instead of properly directing it to the slave cylinder. When this happens, the pedal with bottom out to the floor when you press on it. Luckily, we at North Texas Transmission are knowledgeable in clutch master cylinder replacement!

When the master cylinder goes bad, it’s very common for the slave cylinder to go bad as well, this is why we replace both when your seals start to wear off. Come to your local family-owned Arlington Transmission Repair for a quality clutch master cylinder replacement or diagnosis!

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